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New & Used Rack & Storage Equipment

Protect and maintain the value of your stored inventory, raw materials and equipment, and free up space!

Rack Supported BuildingThese goods are a significant and valuable part of your business, so why not maximize your storage space and increase efficiency with effective storage racks? At Massey Equipment, we provide quality storage solutions such as warehouse rack and industrial steel shelving, ladders and pallet jacks.
You can’t afford delays in your operations, so don’t bother with companies that have very little inventory in stock! We carry warehouse pallet racks at the best prices to suit your needs and support your applications. You can have a successfully running warehouse with a superior storage equipment system stocked abundantly with rack and storage equipment and supplies from our St. Louis, MO location.

We have effective new and used pallet rack systems to choose from including single-deep pallet racks, double deep racks, drive-in racks, pallet flow racks, push back racks and cantilever racks.

Why choose Massey’s new and used pallet racks?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Rack in stock all sizes up to 20' height
  • Immediate delivery
  • We will fabricate to your specific needs
  • No freight - materials are at our St. Louis warehouse location
  • We install and repair all rack and shelving systems 

Whether you need selective steel shelving, high density storage racks, or specialized storage racks, Massey Equipment has a solution for your new and used rack and storage needs including, but not limited to:

  • New Interlake Frames and Beams - Many Sizes - IN STOCK
  • Used Racks - Many Sizes & Types - IN STOCK
  • Racks - Select Pallet, Drive In, Drive Thru, Push Back, Live Pallet, Cantilever Stuctural & Roll Form
  • Column Protectors - IN STOCK
  • Wide Span Shelving - IN STOCK
  • Slotted Angle - IN STOCK
  • Shipping & Handling Containers
  • Wire Shelves & Containers- IN STOCK
  • Parts & Storage Cabinets
  • Hazardous Materials Storage Cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Steel Shelving
  • Wire Partitions for Stock Rooms
  • Selecta-Flo Rack/Picking Systems for Food, Snack/Beverage, and other Industries

Have a question about storage equipment? No sweat! We have the experience and capability to engineer the precise solution for your rack and storage needs. We’ve been in the business for 5 decades and are backed by 100 years of practical experience in design and installation.

We invite you to visit our showroom in St. Louis, MO.  Or give us a call for an estimate at 314.621.0972. We’ll be more than glad to offer you professional and objective advice on the best rack and storage equipment for your industrial business needs.

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